College Day 177 – Poor Choice?

(March 12, Saturday)

I spent my early morning finishing up my English essay and got close to starting my second essay at around 5pm. However, my roommate was going to a music festival and asked if I wanted to go with him since my friend’s roommate was driving him. I figured I’d have enough time to complete the second essay if we just dropped him off and came back. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case… She wanted to go meet her suite-mate, which we ate dinner at their house. So, from 5pm until 10pm we stayed there (all the while I had a headache).

The rest of the night consisted of me worrying that I had to write two essays from scratch on the very day they are due: Sunday. I had to finish up my online discussion questions which took me until midnight. I stayed up till 2am debating whether or not to sleep. I figured if I don’t finish, I would write the benchmark essay first since it seemed more important.

To be completely honest, the only reason why I spent that time hanging out is because I realize that time is short. I wish to spend more time with friends than doing other things that take away from such an opportunity. However, each time I do this–prioritizing friends over homework–they do not understand that I do it for them while not intentionally trying to procrastinate. Of course, no one will obviously realize this unless I tell them, and that is a battle I fight in my head. I do not want to be pitied but I do not want my time to go to waste knowing that they had no idea of my intentions in the first place.

2 thoughts on “College Day 177 – Poor Choice?

  1. I LOVE THIS! One thing I REALLY should do more often is stop worrying about my never ending list of assignments and GO OUT! Life is short but when I do go out I almost always stress myself out so much more about the assignments I could be doing. I think all college students should take unexpected breaks, especially the ones who actually spend a lot of time doing work. Magnificent point about friends not understanding, my roommate NEVER understands. I will watch a show, cook, or go somewhere with him or on the flip side NOT want to do ANY of these things and he will never understand where I am coming from.

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    1. I’m glad you can relate and understand. It’s so difficult to know what to do in those situations too. Most of the time I just say to myself that one day I’ll be recognized for my caring behavior. Then again, I don’t necessarily want to be praised, just noticed and understood. I definitely agree and thanks for sharing!

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