College Day 176 – Babysitting!

(March 11, Friday)

I can already tell you now that it was not what you think it is. I have never babysat before, but since my friend went home Thursday and her suite-mate was housesitting over the weekend, my friend’s roommate was going to be all alone. So on Monday, when we were making s’mores, I joked about how I’d have to “babysit” her and how it would be difficult.

However, for today, I had planned to get a head start on my English essay because I had two other essays and a project due Sunday. I was told by my friend to hang out with her roommate and have her do stuff instead of sitting in her room alone, absent from humanity. At 6pm we went to grab dinner and I spent the rest of the evening with her watching TV until 10pm. I realized that this was my first mistake. Now I only have time on Saturday and Sunday to complete everything.


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