College Day 175 – 3rd yet 4th Soccer Game

(March 10, Thursday)

I found out that I actually had a game on Monday, which I missed because I assumed that it was cancelled. Yes, we also did lose that game. However, this night we had a game, and I was more than ready. I was a little exhausted cause the entire week I worked out every day instead of just Tuesday/Thursday. Nonetheless, I felt active and prepared to spend another fun night of soccer with my enthusiastic teammates.

The game was close with so many attempts on our team. One of my own shots went across the goal line hitting the back post and rolling towards the front post. It didn’t even go in because it had no spin. However, I assisted one of my teammates for our first goal. Needless to say, we still lost in goals, but we won in looks.

I could care less whether we win or not. The fact that I get to relive my soccer experience with a team makes me reminiscent. Being the fastest person on the field gives me adrenaline like no other opportunity. And undoubtedly, I surely miss my past high school teams.


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