College Day 174 – Need To Connect

(March 9, Wednesday)

During my third day at the WriteOn group, I started to feel out of place in the sense that I wasn’t nearly creative as those around me. Although they have been in the group longer than me, I have plenty of ideas and poetry that appeals to me through experience and deep meaning. I know it is my own and that I shouldn’t compare, but just the feeling of knowing someone else who has pushed their creative abilities beyond their limits puts me in a state of unease. I desire that kind of creativity as long as it is driven by genuine passion.

Afterwards, I proceeded to get lunch and as I waited for my food I noticed a couple of the group members walking together to get food from the nearest restaurant. It made me realize that someday I will need to connect with those types of individuals. My entire life I have been surrounded by support from peers who are not even as sophisticated in the field of writing and poetry. It gave me unrest, but now I have to push away my worries that I feel not qualified enough to be part of group of English buffs that are poetically and creatively articulate.


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