College Day 173 – Grovechella

(March 8, Tuesday)

I had no idea what this event, “Grovechella,” was even about. All I know is that I only considered going because one of my old friends invited me to hear her band perform. I concluded that it was mostly going to be music.

Before its beginning at 4:30, I spent my time sitting in the lobby waiting for my headache to disappear. There was nothing better for me to do because simply thinking about anything was too much. Whether or not my friends would join me didn’t faze me, I went regardless. To my surprise, it gave an artistic festival type of vibe. The first thing I noticed was the free painting improvisation. Anyone could take a piece of paper, color it with crayons or paint, and clip it to some string attached to wooden poles. I drew a fiery sunset against deep waters with large chalk-like crayons.

I spent about 10 minutes drawing until I noticed two of my friends in line for henna. I met up and then headed over to the next drawing table, which was a draw-a-stranger type of activity. In other words, you sit down across from someone you don’t know and draw their face. I actually met up with more friends there and ended up drawing Pikachu instead. (During all of these activities, there were various performers on the stage singing and playing music.)

Going back to my other friends, they wanted me to do their henna. I had never tried it before but since they refer to me as their artistically talented friend, I obliged to try it out. As inevitably expected, they appreciated it and really liked how well I did. I must say, it reminds me of when someone puts frosting on cookies and shapes it with a pointy needle. I did the same with the henna; you get the overall outline and then smooth it out with a toothpick.

It was a fantastic evening and an awesome way to get to know people and see artistic talent shine.


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