College Day 172 – S’mores

(March 7, Monday)

After talking about it for about a week, my roommate and I finally decided to have a s’mores night. There’s only one place on campus with a fire pit that requires a key to be turned on and lit. We had figured tonight would be best since no one was really busy. I invited some of my friends and unexpectedly my roommate’s girlfriend’s roommates also showed up for a little while. (Might I also mention that we used metal knives and forks to roast the marshmallows.)

Our conversations ranged from memories, stories, to my relationship status. It’s funny how conversations slowly slip into more personal topics when surrounding a fire. It’s almost as if the fire or the making and eating of the s’mores develops some sort of twist in discussion. To be blunt yet punny, I guess you could say the fire sparks such interest.


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