College Day 170 – Say Over Do

(March 5, Saturday)

I believe I spent more time thinking about what I should do with my life than actually doing something. I concluded two things: I either wish to spend my time with friends or I must be productive with my time. The third was that I need to divert my time away from wasting it on temporary entertainment like video games. However, since it is at my disposal and I know in my heart I would rather read and write than play games, I still have trouble getting it past me. To an extent, I wish I would have more passion reading than writing because reading is like listening. I am a listener and I learn so much more through hearing other perspectives. All of the collective ideas would lead to an extensive amount of words to share on paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I am content with where I am at. I just have occasional days where I completely rethink the course of my life when I don’t do anything. Productivity is my friend and foe at the same time. I cannot rightly explain it but it just happens to be so.


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