College Day 169 – Stick To Reality

(March 4, Friday)

As I was reconnecting with my best friend about academic life and emotional life, I inevitably brought up my relationship situation, or lack thereof. I remembered that part of the conversation the previous Wednesday was more ridiculous than I originally made it out to be. I told him (my best friend) that she (the girl I was interested in) brought up an example of “no dating within the friend group.” She referenced the TV show New Girl saying that if we were to date we could end up like Nick and Jess who were dating but broke up within their friend group, which caused problems. While that may be true, my friend and I realized how out of proportion that claim is. If we were to base our life choices and ways of living off of chick flicks or TV shows in general, our lives would be cliché and predictable.

Because of this, we both came to the conclusion that my current situation is better off than it would have been. I’m going to stick with reality and not focus on immature entertainment shows that would make life sound reasonable. That being said, relationships within friend groups are completely workable; it’s all about self-control, which happens to be my strong-suit.


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