College Day 168 – 2nd Soccer Game

(March 3, Thursday)

I didn’t expect to have our next soccer game so quickly; however, I was definitely ready this time (aside from my sore leg). I knew the team wouldn’t be nearly as difficult as the previous one we played against. I wore my red jersey from my high school team, which luckily we were red so I didn’t have to put on a pinnie.

During the first few minutes of the first half, some dude on the other team made a hat trick (three goals). I could tell after a while that these players were more experienced than ours, plus we have a goalie that isn’t all that athletic. It didn’t matter, our achievement was to get at least one goal. We made one during the second half but they cut the time short because of the “mercy rule.” It was 9 to 1… I don’t care if we’re behind that much, we were so motivated during the second half that we were determined to make more goals!

Again, we still “won in looks,” and their team was pretty aggressive nonetheless. To my surprise, their goalie complimented me saying, “Dude you’re really good.” I am fast on the field, but I only attempted around 2 to 3 goals anyway.

Unfortunately, we might have to forfeit our Monday game because not enough of us will be there, and we need 2 girls on the field at all times. I don’t necessarily want to forfeit, but a break would be grand.


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