College Day 167 – Senior Skits

(March 2, Wednesday)

The event tonight was something they called “Mr. GCU.” It consisted of about 12 senior students who were chosen (somehow) to perform a little skit in order to win the crowd. Beforehand, I imagined the event being completely different like when I heard someone tell me, “something to do with males modeling.”

I assure you, the event was really exciting; however, I had absolutely no energy to be facially and physically expressive or active. Out of all of the intriguing skits, I thoroughly enjoyed the first and sixth. Everyone voted for which act they liked by tweeting it. I obviously didn’t participate cause I didn’t care enough. Unfortunately, the winner was part of a skit that I didn’t find very fulfilling for my entertainment “needs.”

Again, I was feeling emotions of disconnection between my friends because I was really tired. I wanted to be enthusiastic, but I also didn’t want to be fake, which occasionally happens.


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