College Day 166 – 1st Soccer Game

(March 1, Tuesday)

Tonight marked our team’s first soccer game. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I used to be when I played soccer for my high school team. In fact, the other team was apparently full of experienced soccer players. I wasn’t fazed because this gave me the opportunity to show them up if it was the case. Needless to say, we were dominated; we made no goals, but had many close attempts.

The greatest thing about our team is that we’re enthusiastic and our captain says, “You know what, we may be losing in points, but we are winning with looks because we’re all really good looking!” Throughout all of the negative things that could happen on the field, we end up finding the positive sight that lightens up the night. Only a few of us have some previous soccer skill, but that doesn’t prevent us from having the time of our life.

Afterwards, we were talking, laughing, and coming up with different names for ourselves. We are the “Winded Warriors” but then we all agreed upon wishing that our name was “Animal Noises.” I even suggested that we just change our team name every game for the heck of it.


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