College Day 165 – Sharing Memories

(February 29, Monday)

I had a fun little talk with my roommate about our high school experiences. It was quite interesting to here the differences and slight similarities between our schools because we both went to small private high schools. However, from the sound of it, it seems he had a greater time than I did, at least during senior year. My first day of senior year was odd; I didn’t want to be there because I felt out of place with all of the underclassmen. I said I would make the most out of it, but subconsciously I correlated that with my grades, not general fun with others. I missed out on a lot of fun, partly because I didn’t want to barge in on people’s friend groups. Acceptance was something I struggled with, even though I was on good terms with everyone.

Overall, we could both agree that our senior trip was one of the greatest highlights. Also, I probably would have had more fun at his high school rather than mine. Aside from me being an introvert, I have no doubt we would have found ourselves in the same friend group.


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