College Day 164 – The Prestige

(February 28, Sunday)

My roommates and I had a movie night for the first time this semester. It reminded me of how much time we spent watching TV first semester.

Since I had not seen it before, my roommate told me we had to watch The Prestige. After finding out it was about magic and magicians I was excited. Also, it was produced by Christopher Nolan, the producer of Inception, another fantastic movie. Of course, I was left with small hints and clues throughout the entirety of the movie that kept me at the tips of my toes. The mystery, subtle hints through imagery or foreshadowing, all of it was magnificent and astonishing once you took a moment to look back on it.

Afterwards, we spent some more time talking about enjoying those types of deep, philosophical movies and the various possibilities they bring.

Interstellar will probably be one of the next movies that I watch for the first time. I always be up for another Christopher Nolan film.


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