College Day 163 – Relationships Part 9

(February 27, Saturday)

I finally deciding to go sun tanning with my roommate after putting it off for so long. We spent the time listening to some music and then talking about relationships and the experience I just went through. He helped me come to terms with my thoughts and decisions with relationships, especially the one that I recently thought highly of.

Basically, I had to leave my worries behind me knowing that the relationship would not happen. I was back and forth between whether being able to make things change or not. The reality is, I do not have the power to make that sort of change. I am who I am and she is not interested in me. It is that simple.

I’ve got plenty more options he said. The ratio of guys to girls here really puts things into perspective. I told him that college seems like the only legitimate time to get into a relationship because I’m more active and see more people. Once I’m graduated I’ll be focused on getting a job and working hard. Not that I’m not working hard already, but I feel as if a relationship is still possible.


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