College Day 161 – Soccer Practice

(February 25, Thursday)

One of my awesome friends let me join her co-ed soccer team before 5pm on the 23rd. I honestly didn’t know anyone playing outside of the friends I knew that were, and I didn’t want to bug them about asking. I was desperate anyway and figured it was worth a try.

So tonight I got introduced to my team as we played soccer and practiced some drills. I must say that I’m pretty stoked since they seem like a fun group of individuals. Our captain looks like he’s 30 but he’s actually a freshman (and I’m apparently older than him).

Although this won’t be competitive soccer, I have a feeling that I’m going to be out of shape and exhausted during games. I like to run fast and pull some sick moves instead of pulling muscles. I can’t guarantee either that this will not interfere with my homework schedules, but I think this will be a perfect opportunity to distract my mind from what has been occurring in my life recently.


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