College Day 159 – Professor’s Wisdom

(February 23, Tuesday)

I took some time out of my day after English class to visit my English professor. My intentions were to talk about my own major and the direction I should head in and his earlier story about how he got into English. Since the major here is changing to professional writing, he suggested that I stick with it. The reason is because although I was interested in possibly going further with education, the careers of teachers and professors are not altogether well-paying. Few teachers have enough to support an entire family.

With this in mind, he suggested that I get into plenty of writing opportunities and find my writing style as something to stand by when I apply for jobs. Of course, being well-rounded is all the more helpful and appealing.

My professor told me his story about how he used to do freelance with another friend that got him into it. It was about four years ago and he was given $35 for every page he wrote. Since he could write one page per hour, he could write a 30 page document rather quickly for around $1000. This was really eye opening for me; however, I know that I have a long way to go before I can confidently write one page an hour depending on the content.

Overall, the conversation was worth having and he emailed me flyer of a writing group that gets together every Wednesday to write, read, and explain poetry.


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