College Day 157 – Hiking!

(February 21, Sunday)

I finally got around to spending my free weekend to the fullest. My roommate and I figured out a good time last night to go hiking with two other friends.

As we began our trek on Camelback I was so glad we chose today because of how nice the weather was. I wasn’t really sure how difficult the hike would be nor did I even think about it at the time. When it turned out that there were giant rocks to jump on and 70 degree poles to climb I was satisfied. Since I’m naturally athletic, I was ascending quickly because I could, and it felt good.

We took occasional pictures along the way and went off course a little bit. Also, I was actually surprised at how dangerous it could be for people going down. There were families with little kids regardless of the conditions.

There were bees, beetles, and I took a video of a pretty big lizard. However, the greatest view of all was at the very top, which we took at least 5 minutes debating whether or not we should go to the top. I could see for miles in all directions! The hike was definitely an opportunity I would take again at any point. (I also would like to see how fast I can get to the top)


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