College Day 155 – Tacky Prom

(February 19, Friday)

It wasn’t what it sounded like. The event at the grove was called tacky prom but consisted of remixed music to which people danced to. I was misinformed when I heard it started at 8 o’clock instead of 7. So two of my roommate’s and I went on the parking garage to take some pictures and then head to dinner before jamming out to the music.

Once we made our way to the music we missed out on the good songs. It was a little disappointing, but I realized after standing for about 15 minutes that I should just make the most out of it anyway. Any song that I knew I began to dance to just because others were doing their own thing to enjoy themselves.

After the prom I spent time with my friends and we came up with the crazy idea to hit apples with a baseball bat. We hit one on the intramural field and realized we should do it somewhere else. Of course, the top of the parking garage was our next destination to hit apples into oblivion. It was a mess worth making and time well spent.



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