College Day 154 – New Degree

(February 18, Thursday)

My second appointment with my SSA turned out to be full of surprises. The first being that the English Literature degree will be changed in March to Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in writing. Also, there are only 13 others who attend the university that are enrolled in English Literature. I have no doubt that the change was to reach out to graduates either interested in writing or teaching because normally those who want to teach take English Literature. However, the university offers various Education degrees for that purpose, and English with an emphasis in writing would fill the gap for those solely interested in writing: me.

The rest of the day consisted of a headache and Karaoke night for the first time. It was fun but also awkward and annoying. After that, I went with some friends to a Mexican restaurant right next to a Taco Bell just to meet up with others and chat. I felt so disconnected because of my headache and introverted low self-esteem amongst many extroverts. Yes, I enjoy the company of extroverts, but I don’t want to come off as a boring individual who only enjoys laughing at the humor of others simply because I’m respectful. My first impression is always horrible, and that is because I could care less if you want to be friends because you think I’m funny; I want to enjoy friendships through the deeper aspects of life that we so often avoid talking about.


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