College Day 149 – So Much For Service

(February 13, Saturday)

Today marked the last of my service hours at the learning lounge. I had a total of four hours left to finish, but I only had two scheduled for the day. I talked to the people at the front desk and they told me to just do four hours instead of waiting to schedule two more with the head of the lounge. So I completed those four hours with a lovely headache to top it off.

However, as I reflect back on every day I spent in the lounge, it is important to make note that I did absolutely nothing beneficial for the lounge. All of my days were Saturday from 8-10am. Since Saturdays were new for the lounge, only elementary to middle school students came in for help. But the only time the kids would come in was after 10. So, every Saturday up until now, I have not worked with one student. I have seen students as I leave but I have not been able to help out (the majority was girls anyway, which they were paired with other girls).

All that to say, I spent my time listening to music either doing homework or watching YouTube videos. The lounge did not go as expected, but I cannot say I am disappointed–I do not believe I am good with children. 40 hours of sitting doing whatever I want for a full scholarship? Sounds worth it to me.


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