College Day 148 – Won’t Back Down

(February 12, Friday)

I had to call my roommate (he was home for his Birthday) because I had a conversation with my dear friends early this day that caught my attention. Yes, it happened to be about the whole relationship ordeal that I have been dealing with since first semester. However, it is a little more deeper than how it started. I have been receiving answers to my questions as time has gone by, and I believe that this particular lunch conversation gave me an answer that I should anticipate when I finally go to receive my final answer.

Answer to what? Well, I would tell you, but until I have a certain conversation with a special someone I do not yet wish to share. Everything will be shared when the time comes.

So I called my roommate to tell him that the conversation I had will not prevent me from having the conversation that I promised I would plan to occur this month. (Which, a little side note, I am surprised by how quickly this month has been passing by.) He was thankful for what I said because of how far I have taken things already. And I am extremely thankful that he has been here for me, always willing to talk and help me come to sound conclusions.


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