College Day 147 – Valentines Encore

(February 11, Thursday)

It was called Valentines Encore night. A couple hundred people and my friends and I went to this event that was held in the arena. It was just a bunch of valentines related music that various student groups performed.

The highlight of the night was some dude’s poem. It was called “10 things I want to say to my future son” (something along those lines). I must say, that poem was unbelievable. The amount of imagery, metaphors, and relatable content was incredible. I would give anything to hear that poem again. Unfortunately, I forgot the guy’s last name so it will be somewhat difficult for me to find him.

One of the lines (the 8th part) said, “If you like a girl, tell her.” Everybody was cheering and clapping when he spoke those words. I suppose I will take that advice myself and make use of it, within reason.


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