College Day 146 – Care Package

(February 10, Wednesday)

I received my second care package from my mother, which contained a bunch of thank you cards to my friends. Basically, the letters have money and say thank you for being “Nathan’s friend.” To say the least, they all were appreciative and thankful.

It was a valentines care package… She put in chocolate for me and my roommates. The one item that concerned me was the glow sticks. Why? She said, “They’re for when you party!” Okay, haha, cause I’m going to party on valentines day with glow sticks. I suppose I feel obliged to do so.

I should too be thankful for my mother’s heart to care for my friends as well. The money was mostly for driving me around places, which does not happen all too often. Nevertheless, we are thankful, I am thankful.


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