College Day 145 – Late Wake Up Call

(February 9, Tuesday)

It turned out that I missed my alarm for class and I was 30 minutes late. I rushed to class anyway and after class I talked with my professor. I showed him my signed health center note, which says that I must be excused in class for being sick. He said, “I don’t need that, you look believable.” The fact that my professor already trusts me makes me more comfortable and excited to talk to him more.

I thought about it throughout the whole day: I want to pursue more with my degree. This will require me to talk to my English professor and get his opinion and story. I am currently between my dream and loving the idea about becoming a professor myself. I have said that I do not want to teach, but I believe that through extensive studying and learning that it could be a possibility for me.

That being said, I am drooling with a passion for learning and doing so through the insight and wisdom of my professors.


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