College Day 144 – Looking Forward

(February 8, Monday)

I was surprised to receive a text message from my old best friend’s parents saying that they were on campus. They were interested in getting lunch with me while I was available and before their flight. I managed to finish class and meet up with them and talk about my experience and answer their questions.

The greatest news is that their son (my friend) will be attending the college next year as a freshman. I am pretty stoked to get to be able to see him a bit more than I used to. However, I never thought that he would enjoy Arizona as much because he loves to snowboard and likes the winter, to some extent.

I believe it will be a lovely opportunity to help him out next year if he ever has any questions or wants to hang out. That is, however, if I end up staying. I might find out that this university has removed English Literature and changed my schedule without telling me. I am just hoping this is not the case.


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