College Day 143 – Reunited

(February 7, Sunday)

I was excited to be invited to eat breakfast with my friends. I hadn’t seen them in an entire week because of my sickness. After eating a delicious breakfast, we went out shopping and got back to the dorm to watch TV and build a puzzle!

I spent the rest of the day with them because I was overjoyed to finally be able to be around people, especially people I know.

In addition, my English professor emailed me to tell me that I could take longer on the definitional final draft because I was sick. It was another extension! During class last Tuesday he extended the due date to Sunday today. Since he told me this, I, of course, decided to do it on Monday being only halfway done.

I felt guilty for carelessly wasting the extension I was given, but what can I say? It is a procrastinator’s candy to receive more days to be unproductive.



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