College Day 142 – Relationships Part 7

(February 6, Saturday)

It has been a while since I typed another one of these reflections, but today I realized the significance of my temporary sickness. I am young in love; too young to be in love. I have dismissed my expectations to non-existence because I still have a desire to learn and observe more as I grow older. While the excitement and gushiness of love and relationships might be worth a try, I honestly would not mind taking more years alone to figure out relationships. All of this is kept in mind as I try to get a degree, a job, an independent life plan, and so on. Eventually, my ideas of love, friendship, and relationships will expand and I will be more enlightened than I am now. I rejoice in wisdom, I cherish it. Nevertheless, I have one planned interaction that I wish to address before the summer starts (I’ll keep you updated in part 8).

Also, I missed out on opportunities with my friends (as I could see through social media), which bothered me because I always want to make the best moments possible. However, being with my roommates made me realize that this simple interaction and friendship was enough. I was making it less than it seemed to be. In reality, I enjoy the simplicity of being around them because I could be at home sitting alone while dreaming of change. I do not want that life again, so I have remained content.



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