College Day 140 – Friendly Care

(February 4, Thursday)

I had scheduled to go to the health center to find out if I actually had the flu bug. As it turned out, I did. The health service people kept coming in and out of the room I was set in and I could hear them faintly talking about my sickness outside. It seemed like a rerun of everything from the first minute I stepped in.

I was ordered to pick up Tamiflu drugs from a near pharmacy as soon as possible. However, when I talked with my mother and did a little research, I figured it was best not to get it. I was not ready to pay for something I did not know about, but after reading about it, it was not going to help me at all.

The week was slow and difficult without any purposeful interaction, so I felt the urge to text my friends to tell them I missed hanging out because I had the flu. They were going shopping today and kindly bought me soup and other essentials for sickness. I was so thankful! I could not express my joy any other way than with my genuine words (I normally use hugs to show my affection). I am so blessed to have these friends. It makes bad situations bearable.


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