College Day 139 – Bearing the Pain

(February 3, Wednesday)

I might conclude that it was probably one of the most miserable days I have had in a while, at least physically speaking. My diet consisted of water, chicken noodle soup, a turkey sandwich, banana, and more water (and a fruit smoothie cause why not?).

The main reason I was stressed, aside from the sickness, was that I had a shorter essay due at midnight, which required research. For the whole course of the day I was either hot or cold and had a headache. However, I actually did finish the essay regardless of my terrible headache. I like to call that perseverance!

I just realized it, but maybe others with this type of sickness would have responded differently. In my mind, I had stuff to do, whereas others might be thinking, “I have to sleep, drink water, and avoid doing anything that worsens my headache.” I suppose I value my academics a bit more than my health at this rate.


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