College Day 138 – I Caught a Bug

(February 2, Tuesday)

No, not the creature kind, the kind that takes your body for a never-ending roller-coaster ride. I couldn’t believe that I developed a small cold (my mother thinks it’s the flu bug). My body felt weak and tired after class. I had a slight cough with a headache that didn’t let room for thought.

I even tried taking a nap, which consisted of me laying in bed unable to sleep for 3 or so hours. It was getting later in the night and I decided that since my temperature was 100.9 degrees I wouldn’t go to class tomorrow and tell my professor so. That also included putting off my 400-600 word mission trip essay for the class until the day it was due. Thankfully I saw that it was due at midnight the next day.

As for the rest of my night, I took Acetaminophen to get rid of my headache, which worked super effectively. However, I still had the worst sleep I can imagine.


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