College Day 136 – Taking a Chance

(January 31, Sunday)

Today was a big day; the day where procrastination turns into motivation because literally all my homework was due at midnight. I began the morning with a slight panic attack from the sound of my alarm, which then required me to lay in bed for an extra 30 minutes to relax.

To get straight to the point: I had a 15 slide PowerPoint that I had to create about perspectives, including my own, on the origin of the universe. Additionally, the same class required completion of a study guide for a quiz that I also had to take. Those were the first priorities on my list. Finally, I had a 1000-1250 word essay due as well for my World Religions class. I don’t know about you, but those three assignments had me stressed only because I gave myself about 15 hours to do it all. If you know me, I like to take my time on essays and projects so that I am extremely detailed and cover every aspect necessary.

I will have you know, I did complete everything before midnight, including four additional online discussion responses. However, my essay had to be turned in for a similarity check and I turned it in at 11pm. If it were to show up with more than 20% similarity I couldn’t fully submit it. Since the similarity check never went through, I took my chances and submitted it, hoping it would be lower than 20% (it turned out to be 3%).

I suppose my procrastination could be considered crazy and irresponsible, but in my mind, I actually do well regardless. I feel more accomplishment than I do relief, which is more enjoyable to me.


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