College Day 135 – Game Night

(January 30, Saturday)

The morning was a rough start for me, and the rest of the day up until about 4pm I sat around procrastinating. Although I knew I had a lot of homework due on Sunday, it was so much to think about that it shut me down completely.

The night consisted of me joining my friends for our dorm spotlight at the basketball game. It was unfortunate because while everyone was excited, I was trying to share those emotions yet I constantly thought about my homework.

It was a fun time being at the game though. I was surprised too because I got on the dance cam for a few seconds! The game was hectic; we started off strong and tied up near the end. There was 5 seconds left and the other team got a two-pointer. Right after, our team quickly ran the ball down to the other side and attempted a three-pointer. It missed.



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