College Day 134 – My Birthday Party

(January 29, Friday)

The anticipated day finally came! After going back and forth on deciding which trampoline park I wanted to go to, we went to Jump Street. Upon arrival, we passed by the doors and noticed a load of people inside. We knew immediately it was full because there were cars, including us, going around in circles looking for a parking spot. When we found a parking spot we went inside and laughed about how bad it smelled and how many people were there. The line was full and all I could see was hundreds of three foot kids jumping around.

I called Skyzone and they said they were not full. Our road trip took an extra 15 to 20 minutes, but we still had until 9pm closing time.

So the fun began! My first jump surprised me so much because the trampolines were way bouncier than I imagined. I swear I could jump at least 20 feet high (because I am light and agile). Within 20 or so minutes I was exhausted and needed multiple drinks of water. Unfortunately, my adrenaline was incredibly high but my body could only take so much! I felt my inner kid emerge out as I jumped around aimlessly. I did a few back flips and tried three back flips in a row, which made me really dizzy. Also, I am ashamed to say it, but I landed on my face after attempting a backflip after a superman front-flip.

The rest of the night consisted of us changing our clothes to dress up for dinner. We went to Olive Garden and had some interesting discussions ranging from how tired we were to talking about vivid dreams.

I did not spend a single dollar, which I am extremely thankful for my friends paying for me. High prices scare me, but I had to take it easy and realize how blessed I am to have friends who love me enough to not be concerned with how much they would spend on me that night. It was the time of my life; I would give anything for a night like that again.


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