College Day 133 – Reminiscent

(January 28, Thursday)

I ran into a good friend of mine that just lives down the hall from me after class this early afternoon. We decided to grab some lunch and had an awesome chat down memory lane. Since we went to the same high school, we talked about the good and the bad and how our perspectives have changed significantly about meeting people we know. To reconnect and become familiar with one’s new lifestyle is a huge change, and very enlightening. I have said it before, that we start to miss the people we once knew.

The most significant part about our encounter was that I could act myself around him. I did not have to fake any emotion or pretend to be someone I am not. This has occurred with each of my interactions with him. I feel as if conversations become instantly more meaningful and comfortable to talk about, even if it’s a “touchy” subject. I will not say I enjoy his company just for that reason. I dearly love him as my friend and I want him to know that he also does not have to change who he is in order to find satisfaction and hope.


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