College Day 125 – Becoming Aware

(January 20, Wednesday)

Since I have recently been strengthening my relationship with God, I am slowly becoming aware of my circumstances and daily situations; God is intervening. It sounds obvious, but I take for granted that with which I am blessed: friends and their wisdom and influence on me. Whenever I become invested in the deeper questions and problems in life, I notice that my interaction with others is more fulfilling than swimming in my own depiction of life.

I know I won’t have forever with some of the people I have already met. That is why I wish to talk and talk about the important questions that make life more intriguing. Even if I don’t find an answer to something specific, at least I know I have those who I can reference and refer to when I am struggling. Nevertheless, God seems to slide in His answer for whatever I am concerned about through the simplest interactions.

The world would be such a boring and irritable place without other humans regardless of their similarities and differences.


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