College Day 124 – Just Me?

(January 19, Tuesday)

A thought came across my mind while I stood, thinking to myself. Do other introverts experience the same things I experience? I know I strongly believed the test I took that told me I was an INFP (Introvert, Intuition, Feelings, Perceiving). However, the “hermit” part had me questioning if anyone else would act the way I do.

For instance, I could be anywhere, alone or with a group of people and rather quickly I will think about something that grabbed my attention either at the moment or earlier throughout the day or previous days. As this happens, I completely ignore everything around me including movement. I won’t respond to questions nor will I move. My face glazes over and if others are around they become concerned. Some think I’m acting and others think otherwise. I will be honest, if it is just some deeper thought, I will either give it a quick thought or keep ignoring others. It just makes it so much easier to have a “not caring” attitude when others try to interact with me. If anyone tries to break my concentration I have to make up an excuse or just simply get up and leave.


One thought on “College Day 124 – Just Me?

  1. I relate to this. It amazes me how indulged I get when I think about some thoughts that suddenly comes to me, or some ideas that has been in my mind for how many days. Sometimes I just don’t notice that someone’s talking to me while I’m thinking! Perks of INFPs, I guess?

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