College Day 116 – Deepest Moment

(January 11, Monday)

I never thought I would end up having a deep conversation with all five of my roommates from 11pm to 1am. We talked about my current worldview and the specifics within (which I won’t mention). I felt so connected and curious in thought. My head was aching yet my soul was open to everything I had on mind. I have no idea what influenced me to talk about everything that burdened me, but it felt so easy and I was without embarrassment.

I would give anything for those types of moments again. I’m beyond blessed to be friends with my roommates and to be going to this university.


3 thoughts on “College Day 116 – Deepest Moment

  1. Spontaneous deep conversations with my roommates/friends are one of the things I miss most about college (I graduated in May). There’s something so easy about talking about everything late at night too.

    I found your blog through Shelly Ray’s Liebster Award post and I really like your writing style šŸ™‚

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