College Day 114 – Relationships Part 5

(January 9, Saturday)

Around the afternoon I spent a little over an hour listening to abstract music and sitting, thinking, deciding if there is a right or wrong answer regarding the approach to a relationship. I know that I have talked to many people, my friends, and my family about their opinions on how and when to start a relationship. I just had a moment to really think about who’s advice I should take, or if I should just follow my instincts, which happen to be molded by other’s opinions.

I am taking each “step” cautiously because I do not know the outcome of what I want to be in a relationship for me. I am getting older but I am not old enough to know what I want verses what I need at the right time, and this bothers me.


One thought on “College Day 114 – Relationships Part 5

  1. I definitely think following your instincts is the way to go, but at the same time it’s really hard to not be swayed by others’ opinions and my friends and family’s opinions definitely matter a lot to me.

    On a different note, I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my recent blog post to learn more about it and participate if you’re interested!

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