College Day 113 – Pain Is Given

(January 8, Friday)

Whether it is by yourself or others, emotional pain is given to you. It is not some sort of trait we inherited; rather, it is something we inevitably have to deal with.

Today I was watching a very dramatic TV show with my friends and one of the episodes happened to be focused on a depressed student who felt invisible to others. All he wanted was someone to actually talk to him and care. This immediately reminded me of one of my classmates during senior year that left school for a month or so because he was depressed. I wouldn’t say it was under the same circumstances, but it was definitely from other student’s doing. I can’t say I’m also not to blame, but I remember exactly who and what influenced him, I just never saw it coming.

I won’t ever let this behavior happen again after what I have experienced during that year. I could’ve easily been in his position and given up regardless of other’s opinions.


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