College Day 101 – House Sitting

(December 4, Friday)

Today’s special experience:

My friends invited me to house-sit at a house for the night. I had thought about it all day and then realized I had service hours in the morning.

When they were about to head to the parking garage, I told them I wouldn’t go. As I walk up to my room, open the door and enter, I immediately thought to myself, “What in the world would I do here for the night anyway?” So I quickly talked to my roommate and asked him what he thinks. He told me to go for it (and obviously a little more than that).

I pack my laptop, toothbrush, deodorant, shirt, and run out to the parking garage telling my friends I would come.

At the house we settled in and opened presents that we gave each other. A little while later my friend’s mother called her to tell her that the house owner was coming in 30 minutes. So we all quickly left because there was too many of us to be there (the owner expected only a few people, not six). We ended up driving to an outdoor mall, which, in my opinion, was really awesome.

Later at the house, we watched Harry Potter and played some card games. I had my first monster energy drink and it was pretty tasty. Of course it kept me awake and slightly shaky, but when we all tried to sleep, I had to force my eyes to close. On top of that, the three pet dogs were not the greatest company when trying to sleep.

In short, I had a blast, but in the morning I regretted ever drinking that energy drink to say the least.


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