College Day 100 – Wasting Time?

(December 3, Thursday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I had a little chat with two of my roommates about an idea I had on our perception of time. I didn’t blog about it because it was my flight date and I wrote it on paper. Here it is:

Titled: “Now”


“I had this idea come to mind about time. Here I sit at the airport, two hours and forty-five minutes early, worrying about what to do. I could’ve spent my earlier time doing something else, perhaps something productive. Then I realized our idea or perception of time is flawed. We cannot say we ‘waste’ time, rather, we miss out on opportunity. Do not for one minute think that you are wasting your time sitting, breathing, thinking about what you could be doing. That moment in time is your starting point.

I named this chapter ‘now’ as I previously mentioned in the first chapter. It means not one worry. I’m not going to worry about what I’m doing with my time because no matter what, I have a flight to wait for.”


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