College Day 97 – The Return

(November 30, Monday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I honestly thought I could get back into the regular routine easily without any issues. Turns out what I wanted to get away from still haunts me (the thoughts, actions, and words from specific individuals who I am frequently near). I’m always trying to find the positives but, nevertheless, I find myself wanting to do new things, leaving the old.

And maybe, just maybe, if this past break would’ve helped me eat better, I would be a little happier. But no. I woke up this morning feeling like I had to throw up.

I am starting to believe all this negativity and pain is solely coming from anxiety. I have no other thought nor explanation. Ever since I stopped taking my digestive supplements from the naturopath, I have felt guilt and stupidity because I was told they’d help. What am I to do anymore? I’m just tempted to see a doctor and tell him/her my problems, no matter how ridiculous it all sounds.


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