College Day 94 – One More Goodbye

(November 19, Thursday)

Today’s special experience:

Like I said in the previous blog, I wanted to surprise my friend and say goodbye to her in the morning. Here is what happened:

6:40 I dress quickly and speed walk to the lobby, waiting for their arrival. Within a minute, only she comes out of the elevator with a rectangular box of clothes in both hands. She gives me a weird look and all I could do was smile. I walked up and she asked,
“Why are you here? Are you normally up this early?”
“I’m concerned.”

We walked out and I replied,
“To say goodbye one last time.”

She was surprised to say the least,
“Well I’m not leaving forever.”
“I know.”

I offered to help her carry her box of clothes since it looked heavy.
“Do you need some help?”
“Yeah I was going to say if you’re here–”

It was not heavy, but I thought it was a convenient way to help her out and likewise say goodbye. We walked to the second floor of the parking garage; she told me she did not like it very much because it is “creepy” or “scary.” We talked and laughed about how our laundry room turned on the smoke alarm last night and how I still have to do my laundry. I asked if she was going to Einstein’s Bagels (coffee and bagels) with her roommates at seven and she told me yes but at eight because they were not working out today.
“Good thing I didn’t go over there, I would’ve been there a while.”
“Haha. Are you going to come? I still owe you.”
“Haha, you owe me?… Yeah I’ll come.”

We arrived at her truck and she thanked me for carrying her box.
“Thanks for not dropping my clothes.”

As we walked back, she talked about cleaning her room before leaving so she would feel set. We looked over to the construction since it was loud. I stated,
“Grand Construction.”
“Heh, I feel like I’m not going to know where I am when I get back.”

Back in the lobby,
“Well, I can’t come up since it’s only 6:53.”
“I’ll text you when we leave.”

I feel like this is love at its finest. The simplicity of it… it is the kind I enjoy. I didn’t tell her my true feelings, but I hoped this act of kindness and consideration was enough to physically speak the words for me. Most of Wednesday night I was deciding whether or not to wake up early just to see her once more because I knew they said they were going to eat at seven and I wouldn’t see her after class. I set my alarm for 6:30 and sat awake for ten minutes thinking it over. Finally, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity so I just got up and went to the lobby, hoping they hadn’t left yet; and there she was, coming out of the elevator, her arms asking, “please help me carry this” and my heart reaching, “I would love to help you.”

If I waited another minute longer I wouldn’t have caught up with her. Yes, I could’ve slept in but not over the fact that I had a chance to show my care. No, it was definitely worth it to wake up and be the person I wanted to be.

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