College Day 93 – Hug

(November 18, Wednesday)

Today’s special experience:

It was a multitude of events. First off was a psychological disorder game in Psychology class where we had to guess the type of disorder our classmates were acting out. It was funny how some of them acted and not too difficult to guess.

Second was my headache, which hurt so bad. I had too much on my mind. Thanksgiving is coming up and I had many things I still had and have to do.  I ended up taking a nap for hours. I suppose it helped.

Thirdly, I helped my friend and her roommates decorate their room door for Christmas. They wanted me to do the drawing of the wood and fire for the fireplace on the door. Needless to say, it looked quite good.

Last of all, my friend’s roommate (the girl I’m comfortable around) was leaving Thursday in the afternoon. I heard them say they wanted to get breakfast in the morning around 7am. I didn’t ask if I could join. They were about to sleep (10pm) so I got a tight hug goodbye from her, which was rather cute on her part (the way she smiled and blushed).

I had planned the rest of the night to wake up early enough to meet up with them if they were actually going to go get breakfast because I wouldn’t see her afterwards.


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