College Day 92 – Appointment

(November 17, Tuesday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I had my scheduled appointment today to see if my ears were actually damaged. Unfortunately, all the doctor could see was if they were bleeding. That being said, they are fine and not bleeding. Since it was my first time being exposed to such loud music, I suppose that was likely to happen. Next time I definitely want to wear ear plugs.

It’s funny too, because my roommate texted me as I was waiting for the doctor that a popular EDM artist would be around January 24th, a day before my birthday. At first I thought, “YES!” then I realized that it would be just as bad or worse than this tiny music rave I went to. In all honesty, I think it is worth it, but I am afraid of losing my hearing because I already have a hard enough time just understanding what people are saying whenever I’m in a crowd.

(Another interesting part about the appointment): As the lady before the doctor checked my blood pressure, I was watching the numbers tick on the little machine. I saw it stop at “150” and I heard her say, “Hmm, that’s high” as she was writing on and shuffling papers (just 180 and I would’ve needed urgent care). So, my blood pressure gets really high whenever I’m anxious. My mother said it comes from my dad. Not sure what to say, “Thanks Dad,” or Thanks genetics…”


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