College Day 90 – On The Edge

(November 15, Sunday)

Today’s goal:

I woke up around ten-ish and knew I had a 1000-1500 word essay to write and another writing assignment. At noon, my roommates and I went to each brunch and then we headed off to get some pictures and videos with my roommate’s new camera.

We went to the top of the parking garage and got some awesome footage (one of me sitting on the edge of the wall above the ramp). I wasn’t worrying too much about my essay because I prepared an outline the night before. I got started closer to 3pm and quickly realized that I was writing my essay off topic. I was confused until I had looked at my notes and understood exactly what the requirements were. Thank goodness.

I finished within six hours and then completed my assignment after eating dinner. A job well done for procrastinating a step further. I wonder how close I can get to the deadline and still finish my work.


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