College Day 88 – Rave Party

(November 13, Friday)

Today’s special experience:

My roommate asked me if I wanted to go to a dance at around 9pm. Of course I said sure and we went with two of his friends and our other roommate (and some other friends). It actually started 30 minutes later and got crowded really quick. The music was loud, everyone was jumping up and down. I could feel the beat sink into my chest, and the ground was nothing but a reason to reach for the ceiling.

I didn’t take into consideration the damage the music could have done to my ears. I had never experienced such loud music before. Regardless, I kept dancing and had fun. Two hours flew by and the rave was done. We couldn’t hear each other really well, but all we cared about was fresh air and a cold drink.

The rest of the night my ears were ringing. Oh what a joy it was trying to sleep.


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