College Day 85 – Bye Supplements

(November 10, Tuesday)

Today’s goal:

Believe it or not, my goal was to socialize as little as possible. Since I had been feeling depressed since Saturday, I just didn’t feel open for chatting. The thought of having to take my supplements and remember to do so every day and week gave me anxiety. That’s the very purpose of the supplements, to help reduce my anxiety because of other “problems” within my body that the supplements treated.

I was done. I told my mother that I wouldn’t do it anymore. It made me feel guilty or stupid for not taking them. I feel as if I need them to get better, but I have no idea what it’s actually doing for me. Ever since I received them I haven’t noticed a difference. Besides, I think it is just a waste of money if I can’t even focus on my supplements, let alone what major I want to change to.


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