College Day 84 – Courtyard Dance

(November 9, Monday)

Today’s special experience:

There was a dorm invite to a courtyard dance. My friends called me and told me to come, so I went because I wasn’t doing anything exciting. Basically it started with slow music to dance with another person. I asked my friend if she was going to dance. She replied back (something along these lines), “Are you asking me to dance with you?” I said, “Sure!” So she taught me how to swing dance, which was rather confusing for me at the start. I know I could get the hang of it if I practiced because it’s so simple.

After that dancing took place, the DJ started to play more contemporary music. That’s when everyone started to get down. Sometimes people would do their own little solo dance and make everyone laugh. I stayed the whole time even though the rest of my friends left, so it was just me and the friend I danced with. I skipped dinner too because… it was worth it, and I was bored. Can’t turn down fun dances with my friend(s).  🙂


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