College Day 82 – No Direction

(November 7th, Saturday)


All day I was reevaluating my entire life. My thoughts were mostly focused on my choices and what to do with my major. I’m honestly clueless and lost. I just want to be a vessel to save others from the pain I’ve always suffered. Look where it’s getting me. Sometimes I even wonder why I bother writing out my feelings if the feelings never go away.

I have no clear direction of where I am going. I sure thought I did. English Literature, my “easy” way out. Turns out, there is no easy path in life. Learning comes with studying and listening and memorizing. When I balance the two out, Psychology sounds much more rewarding than English Literature. Do I actually have an interest in literature? Yes. Do I have motivation to read books, books, and more books? No. Well then what the heck am I doing?

I don’t mean this to be negative for anyone else. If you’re reading this, I encourage you to stay positive. Trust me, even though I am a hypocrite…


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